Summer sale!

New catalog and price list

Dear customer,

We hope that our 2017 catalog as well as the price list, have reached you.

If this is not the case, please let us know. We invite you in the meantime to consult it online.

Attention !

The new prices will come into effect on 15 February 2017.
Because of Euro exchange rate volatility, we’ve had no choice but to apply 3.5% price rise across the entire collection. Late this year, the Euro lost about 8% of its value against the US dollar and fell to its lowest level in 14 years. This has had an unavoidable impact on our costs, so we’ve had to reflect this in our prices.

Good sales,

The sales team.

Sales from 03/01/2017 until 21/02/2017 !


Take a seat and light up your sales for this new year 2017 while taking advantage of our discounts on the following articles
and including all our new 2017 items :

   – 8% on all lighting, thus the references beginning with “HL”, “FL” et “TL”.
– 6% on all chairs, thus the references beginning with “CH”.

Good sales,

The sales team.


Our offices and warehouse will be closed on 23/12/16 after 16:00 and on 26/12/16.
We will handle your inquiries as soon as possible.


We have new items

Discover them now !


It’s a premiere for KOKOON !

The sofas you were waiting for to complete your interior collection are now available.


Visit our CLOUD to find all our novelties!

Back to School!

“Back to School” with KoKoon design and enjoy the benefits !


To start the new school year with good turnover,
KOKOON offers 7% from the 15 September to 15 October 2016 special discounts on some bestsellers!

This one is for all references who begin with : OA, OC, OT, TL.

We wish you lots of orders,

The sales team

Conditions :

1) Applicable on DROPSHIPMENT and WHOLESALE prices.
2) For all orders made between 15/09/2016 and 15/10/2016 included.
3) Discount not combinable with pré-established discounts or other specific discount plans.

Play it smart !

Prepare your sales thanks to our exceptional discounts:

5% over the entire category of barstools, thus the references beginning with “BS”.
7% over the entire category of lighting, thus the references beginning with “HL”, “FL” et “TL”.

Don’t forget that building up inventory brings you a competitive advantage in terms of price !


Conditions : Applicable for any order placed between 22/06 (8am) and 02/08 (19pm). Non-cumulative sale.

Good sales,

The sales team


What is happening at kokoon’s ?

The 2016 collection has arrived!
She awaits you with more than a hundred novelties, a new style and new inspiration!

publicattion site

Our catalog is also available in online version on the site.
Don’t waste any time, discover our new catalog online.


Due to an important evolution of the exchange rate between euro and dollar,
our prices have been adapted to reflect a part of the change that the productions costs have undergone.



Prepare your sales with KoKoon Design !

soldes-en*8% off the references starting with “DK”
*6% off the references starting with “DT”
*6% off the references starting with “TL”, “FL” et “HL”