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Dear partners,

The Summer Sales period is almost upon us and Kokoon Design has only one goal: to lend optimal support to your selling potential.  

Not just a weekend, not just a week but 40 days of promotions!

8% discount on ARMCHAIRS, i.e. references starting AC
12% discount on CHAIRS, i.e. references starting CH
10% discount on HANGING LAMP, i.e. references starting HL

10% discount on FLOOR LAMP, i.e. references starting FL
8% discount on OFFICE CHAIRS, i.e. references starting OC
Mood Pictures to help you in the design of your promotional banners 

Now is the perfect moment to include the 2022 collection into your catalogue and boost your sales.  

1 | Applicable on DROPSHIPMENT and WHOLESALE prices.

2 | Applicable for any order placed between 22/06/20222 a.m. and 01/08/2022 12 a.m.

3 | Cannot be combined with other pre-negotiated discounts or specific discount plan. 

4 | The Marine Overload remains applicable during this period. (This is calculated on the price BEFORE reduction

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