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What’s New for 2022

Been expecting something?

We’ve had a new logo and a new website. So, it’s only logical that we now tell you about the new Kokoon Design products that are ready and waiting to be added to your product catalogue and your clients’ interiors.

The two pandemic years have transformed our lives and had a major impact on buying habits. At Kokoon Design, we continue to do everything we can to give you the best possible service and the tools to boost your turnover.

Visit our cloud to get ready for our new collection to be added and prepare for the summer sales period!

You’ll find:

  • CSV files ready to import
  • Product descriptions
  • Price lists for your region
  • Product photos and our mood pictures

Understanding our price list:

This year, we’ve added some colour. The colours have the following meanings:

We’ll now be showing you new items more frequently on our website and in your personal areas of our cloud.

Keep in touch. We’re arranging lots of surprises for 2022

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