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In this age of digitalisation and globalisation, everyone deserves to live in a furnished home.

With an annual growth rate of 11%, the designer furniture niche has become a global phenomenon.

Designer furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be bulky to store if you want to sell furniture online.

At KoKoon Design, we understand these issues very well. That’s why we want to give you more.

More than just a furniture brand, more than just a wholesaler: we want to offer your business a truly comprehensive service.

Designer furniture production and wholesale

KoKoon Design is first and foremost a wholesale company. Whether you need 10 or 100 items (or more), we are able to deliver extremely quickly thanks to the large quantities of stock in our 10,000 m² warehouse. We can also meet much larger demands in terms of quantity, with containers sent directly from our partner factories.

KoKoon Design provides wholesale furniture for interior designers, real estate developers, furniture stores and online retailers. Backed by our extensive experience, we are able to offer full access to our designer furniture, which comes with numerous benefits:

  • A wide range of middle- to high-end furniture
  • No minimum warehouse order requirements
  • Constant website updates to reflect the products on offer
  • Rapid shipping from Belgium
  • Reliable customer service and a smooth ordering process
  • Items in stock, ready for delivery
  • Minimal order turnaround time

Designer furniture dropshipping in Europe

Thanks to our designer furniture dropshipping solutions, you can offer your customers a much wider choice.

Unlike the “standard” wholesale options, under the dropshipping model, the product never passes through the seller’s hands.

You can therefore free yourself from all the tasks related to inventory management, product delivery, etc, and focus on developing other aspects of your business.

Simplified management

No need to rent a warehouse, manage order shipping, manage inventory, etc.


Manage your business wherever you are. Respond to your customers' requests and manage orders from home.


Since you don't have to buy your inventory in advance, you can easily adjust to suit product demand

Dropshipping can be a major asset in your adventure. The most important thing is having a well-thought-out strategy in place to support the development of your business.

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