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kokoon design discount

kokoon design discount

It’s the crazy weekend !

Black Friday began in the 60s. It always takes place the day after Thanksgiving and heralds the beginning of the Christmas sales.

60 years later, the weekend has become a worldwide event that will boost your sales.
Last year, Amazon France had a record day: 1.4 million items were ordered in 24 hours! This means 970 products sold per minute… The events of 2020 have had a big influence on general consumer behaviour and online sales have boomed.
There’s every sign that this is set to be a record sales year !

Kokoon Design has decided to give you all the tools you need to boost your sales during this promising period :

Not just a weekend, but A WEEK OF SALES !

8% discount on CHAIRS, i.e. references starting with CH

8% discount on ARMCHAIRS, i.e. references starting with AC

12% discount on STOOLS, i.e. references starting with BS

Mood pictures to help you design your promotional banners

It’s the right time to add Kokoon Design’s new products to your catalogue and drive up your sales.

1| Applies to DROPSHIPPING and WHOLESALE prices.
2| Applies to all orders placed between 23/11/2020 9am and 01/12/2020 12pm.
3| Cannot be combined with other pre-negotiated discounts or specific discount plans.


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