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Bye Bye marine overload

The best news you have been waiting for!

The crisis is behind us. We rode the wave together and came out of it better than ever. The year 2023 opens with very positive news from Kokoon Design.

We are very thankful for your patience and for trusting us towards the best outcome. As a result of stabilizing market conditions with regards to sea freight costs and EUR/USD, we will be removing the maritime overload after the winter sales end on the 7th of February.

In fact this is equivalent to a price reduction of 19% (mean overload) !

This decision is just the beginning of the awesome improvements we have in store for you for this year.

We are happy to be able to offer you the best possible prices once again. The growth potential of your business has just shot up tenfold.

As always, we will accompany you in this journey towards greatness.

Merry sales, everybody!

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