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Marine overload 11/01/21

Dear partner.

As promised, we are coming back to you today to keep you informed of market developments.

As you can see, shipping rates continue to climb.
Although temporary, this situation seems set to last several months. We therefore have no choice but to pass on these unprecedented changes to our selling prices.
When one of the constituents of our cost price (maritime transport often constitutes 10-20% of the cost price) triples in price in a few weeks, it is impossible not to act. Faced with such movements, not doing so will put our structure at risk in the short term.

Kokoon Design has made a commitment to you not to increase its prices in January. We keep our word .

We will proceed with a PROGRESSIVE, TEMPORARY rate increase which will disappear as soon as the impact of the “container crisis” ceases.

This increase will apply from 11/02/21.

Please review the list below.

A column has been added to show which product families are impacted and to what extent.
The prices are therefore not modified over time. We apply an ” exceptional surcharge ” during the period concerned.

We will remain attentive to the evolution of transport costs. This increase will disappear when we return to a “normal” situation.

Concretely, this surcharge will not be added to the product price on your invoices but via a separate line defined as a percentage of the product price. This percentage is defined in relation to the product family.

This information will be clearly visible on your order form.

We thank you for your understanding and will not fail to keep you informed of the rest of the events.

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