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Marine overload 25/11/21

Dear Kokoon Design partner, 
We hereby inform you about the upcoming price increase for the Marine Overload as a consequence of the global furniture supply chain situation. 
As you are well aware, the sharp increases in raw material and production costs, combined with an extraordinary increase of transport rates, are severely affecting our industry in an unprecedented way. Our commitment is to amend prices only on items where we cannot fully absorb such increases whilst continuously working to maintain and improve our quality levels in terms of assortment range, stock availability and service levels.  


To give you enough time to update your operative, we are offering a 2 weeks prenotice period. The new pricing will be implemented as of 10 December

We have deliberately postponed this increase so as not to impact you during your Black Friday

Please see the new Marine Overload below.


Concretely, this surcharge will still not be added to the product price on your invoices but, via a separate line defined as a percentage of the product price. This percentage is defined in relation to the product family.

It is therefore important that you calculate your prices taking this surcharge into account in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during invoicing.

We would like to remain optimistic and assure you that we are monitoring the situation very closely. Analysts are announcing the start of a decrease in the cost of shipping for March. Rest assured that we will of course reduce this surcharge to allow you to remain competitive.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support and invite you to contact us in case of doubt.   

Kind regards,  

Kokoon Design Team  

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